Unlocking Characters in Risk of Rain 2 | Tips & Tricks

Risk of Rain 2 is getting famous in 2019 and towards in next few years.

Risk of Rain 2 is getting popular on Steam towards the end of 2019 and in to the New Year. This rogue-lite game is so amazing with high replay value to make a great time for you and your friends.

Risk of Rain 2 has ten unlock-able characters and here is the procedure to unlocking each character.

Tricks for Unlocking Characters in Risk of Rain 2



How to unlock Commando:

Begin the game

Commando is the first character you’ll meet when you begin the game. To unlocking this character you just need to start the game. Commando will stay with you until you unlock the new character, but he really proves him as the best. He has some good helpful qualities and has some cool short downs to support you in the battle.

This character has a fast, easy to use and basic attack. His other ability is to hit multiple enemies at a time if you can line them up. He also has a dodge trick to help him getting out of danger.



How to unlock MUL-T:

Beat the first level for 5 times

MUL-T can switch between two different attacks, anytime. First is a short range gun for multiple enemies, it is good for mob controlling. The other attack is a long range sniper for far distant enemies.

It also has a speed dash to quickly get-away from enemies. The another weapon in the armory of MUL-T are cluster grenades for stun enemies and to recover the damage.



How to unlock Huntress:

Clear the first 3 levels without dying

Huntress is a high DPS character with so much potency, but with high potency there comes low health also. So be ready to use your skills to avoid enemy attacks any way.

Huntress can shoot while sprinting and has high area damage. She can also bounce off enemies for six times and she can also swing in the air to get away from danger when you get stuck.



How to unlock Mercenary:

Eliminate yourself at the Celestial Portal at the end of the seventh stage

Mercenary is a combat character and so good if you choose close range battle. He has sword for his combat attacks that permit players to make combo attacks.

Mercenary is best for high battles and cluster of enemies. His laser sword wedges in front of him 130% with third strike dealing 300% damage in a vast area. Whirlwind wedges horizontally two times for 200% each or vertically, while in the air.

Binding assault is a potency for dash forward (up to 3 times) and stun enemies. He can also jump twice due to his cyber enhancement skill. Attack the nearest enemy for 110% damage by eviscerate skill.



How to unlock Engineer:

 Clear 30 levels

The Engineer is a protective character that has vast inventory of tools. Put mines, turrets, or shields with him to put off enemies and support your team.

You need more strategy and skills of perfect timings to use his character at its best. He is a great helpful character for co-op play with some very good abilities such as Pressure Mines, Bubble Shields, Bouncing Grenades, and TR12 Auto Turrets.


How to unlock Artificer:

Free her from the Newt Shop with 10 Lunar Coins

Artificer is a ranged-caster class able to deal elemental damage and vast area of upshot damage. Artificer utilizes four different abilities to strike off the enemies.

Charged Nano Bomb make 00-1200% damage and stun the enemies. Flame Bolt makes 200% damage and burns the enemies. Flamethrower causes 1700% damage and burns the enemies in front of you in a cone. Snapfreeze causes 10% damage and can instantly kill your enemy with low health by freezing. To control groups of enemies easily, use fire and ice.


How to unlock Rex:

Accomplish the ‘Power Plant’ challenge

For unlocking Rex, you need to take the Fuel Array item, from the shell you crash landed in, all the way on to Rex’s body. Rex might be found in the Abyssal Depths (1 or 2 probable 4th levels)

But be remember that the Fuel Array is unstable, if your health goes under 50% you can blow up or die.

Rex is a wonderful crowd control player, with huge risk taking style of play. A portion of health is required for some of his moves. If Rex is used wisely, it can damage a huge area.

His Seed Barrage and Tangling Growth moves, make tons of damage but require large portion of health. Inject, Disperse and Natural Toxins will weaken up the enemies and make them easy to strike for yourself or the teammates.


How to unlock Loader:

Accomplish the ‘Guardian Offline’ challenge

You need a bit of good fortune to unlock Loader because unlocking this character involves a specific kind of map which is not guaranteed always. The fourth stage has two maps; the Abyssal Depths and the Sirens’ Call. We need Sirens’ Call for this character (if you get Abyssal Depths then you can restart).

Around the map, you have to search for five egg nests to destroy. They will look like the large white mushroomsand originates randomly. When you will destroy them, a boss “Alloy Worship Unit”will originate, defeating him will unlock Loader for you.


How to unlock Acrid:

Complete the 9 challenges in the Void Fields

You can find this character under the Bazaar.In the Bazaar Between Times, there is a hidden cave leading towards a purple portal. You can take this portal and transport to the Void Fields. You have to complete all 9 challenges here to unlock Acrid.

Acrid has a poison skill, performing some attacks poison the enemies for 10% of their health over time. Poison cant kill the enemies but it diminishes their health.

The Captain

How to unlock the Captain:

Beat the final boss in the Commencement.

Combat Sky Meadow and continue through the level and beat all the enemies on your way, then meet the final boss and defeat him to unlock The Captain.

After the official release of Risk of Rain 2, The Captain is the latest character.

He has good survival and support abilities. The Captain is the best addition to any team combination.

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