Persona 5 Fusion Guide: How You Can Use Fusion in Persona 5, And How to Make the Best of It

Persona 5 provides complete fascination with your leisure time. But most of the players ignore the most important feature of this game which is, Persona 5 Fusion. At first glance, fusion looks like an unnecessary, unrewarding, complicated, and time-wasting feature but to be a pro of this game and succeed all battles, and you must have to master in the Persona fusion. Either you want to simply fuse personas for battle or advance the Twin Wardens social link, the following tips will make you Persona 5 fusion master within no time.

Let’s have some knowledge about Persona Fusion!

How Persona 5 Fusion works…

There are so many types of fusion available, and also there are too many different options for fusion, especially when are getting advance through the game and leveling up the Twin Wardens and Prison Master confidants; you should know all these: 

Normal Fusion (dyad guillotine)

It is the simplest type of persona fusion. When you want to discard some low-level personas and don’t care about the result, you can use this and choose two personas; it tells the result.

Advanced Fusion (group guillotine)

It needs three or more personas to give a single result. You’ll not use it usually and rarely because advanced fusion makes too powerful and high-level personas.

  • Fuse by result (guillotine search): It is the most useful option, fuse by result allows you to check all the personas you can make from your currently equipped personas, and it also arranges them by their level. Whenever you want to clear space in your inventory while ensuring that you’ll get new and more powerful personas, you can use this option freely.
  • Network Fusion (public execution): It is a late-game option that’s not too much use, but you can try it for fun. It sends you one Persona per day to get fuse with a randomly selected persona from another player. It is just a chance, but most probably, you’ll get some powerful persona fusions.

When to Fuse Personas?

It’s so simple and easy! Just head to the Velvet Room, and whenever your personas’ inventory is getting filled up, use persona fusion, and you’ll successfully capture the new personas at the time of battles. You can discard the old personas if your inventory is filled up, but it’s useless; instead, regularly fuse your personas to have rooms always for new captures. 


It is not the only advantage of this. The personas gained through fusions are much more powerful than the personas which caught in the wild. They will gain expertise upon your corresponding confidant levels, leveling up many times just after the fusion. And also, you get to select several attacks from the component personas to pass down to a new persona, getting more adjustable storage for weapons. 

How to Fuse Personas?

You’ll always have to start with the “Fusion By Result,” so you can select the possible results by level. It assures that you are making the most powerful personas every time, without wasting your time in sorting out the fusions by level.


Just select “Fuse by Result” then use R1 or L1 to tab over the “sort by level” page. Now, scroll down to personas results that are at your current level or under your current level. Begin there, attempt, and scroll until there are no more personas to make or until you get the desired Persona, just don’t give up! 

More about Fusion of Personas

There is no any difficult rule to fuse the personas. That’s the quality of this system that allows so many rooms for experiments, and it’ll not punish you for making wrong fusions.

Here are some common tricks for in Persona 5:

Avoid getting attached

It is so easy to get connected to specific personas that are likely to trust in your battles, but the fact is you should not be reluctant to fuse them in new personas. If they are powerful so most possibly they will result in powerful fusions. But if you are not satisfied with the result, you can re-summon that Persona from Twin Wardens but after paying some fee.

High-level Persona’s Fusion

Beyond perfectionism, there is no any reason to fuse each and every possible Persona on every level. It’s perfectly good, to begin with, the highest possible level persona, you are capable of fusing and working down the list from there. You will be lost some but its not a big issue, most probably you’ll encounter them afterward in any battle. 

Which personas to fuse, what attacks to choose

Register personas frequently

Must register your personas from time to time. Whether through fusion or in battle, the first version of the Persona you get is automatically registered. But you must have to register the further changes manually. For suppose, through interrogation, you capture a persona but then fuse a more powerful version of it that levels up and has more attacks, so you need to register that Persona manually. If you ever want to summon it, you’ll get the best version.

Must use other options

Be remember to check other options as well. Especially group guillotine, as it is seen many times that you’re missing out advanced fusions.

Cover your elemental bases

It is good when fusing persona has many elemental attacks (electric, fire, nuke, spy, etc.) as possible. It’s not possible to cover all weaknesses just with your teammates. If you don’t want to get stuck in any difficult battle, without the Persona that can attack correctly to exploit an enemy’s weakness, try to carry at least one attack of each type.

Other attacks can be useful too

That said, don’t focus only on elemental attacks. Stat buffs and debuffs are practically required for some late-game areas. Simultaneously, more specific moves — such as “tetraja,” which provides a barrier for all allies that negate any pesky “insta-kill” attacks your opponents might use — can be useful in specific situations. Even high-damage physical moves (the ones that use some of your HP) can be helpful to, as some enemies are immune to magic. It’s best to have a well-rounded loadout.

Just don’t concentrate only on elemental bases. 
  • Stat buffs and debuffs are often needed for some late-game areas.
  • “Tetraja” (another specific move)provides a barrier for all the allies that oppose any pesky. 
  • “Insta-kill” attacks your enemies might use- useful for some specific situations.
  • High-damage physical moves (use some of your HP) can be effective for some enemies that are immune to magic. So it’s best to use it! 

We remember the Twin Wardens

If you want to fuse your personas frequently, then we suggest you improve your social link with the twin Wardens in the Velvet Room. To inspire them, find or create Personas with special abilities at their request. Once you build a good relationship, the Wardens provide you more options for fusing, leveling, and summoning Personas.

When Wardens give you a mission to bring a specific persona with a certain ability, be remember that: Find personas that have that ability and then keep fusing them, attempting the move to the desired result. Some of the results, to accomplish the mission, can only be obtained through “advanced fusion,” or sometimes you need a skill card from your inventory to easily teach the move to the right Persona. 

Persona 5 Fusion is not too difficult; you just have to follow these steps and tricks, but don’t expect to get the best result every time. As the game itself says, “take your time” and you will be pro.