Google Maps gets a new icon, travel attributes, and much more for 15th birthday!

While most of the 15 years old are protracting their homework and disobeying their parents, here one of the most leading names in online mapping, the Google Maps is also turned 15 in this week. It’s tough to believe, but Google Maps got 15 years old now and updating its design and getting some new classy features.

Image by Google

At first, the app is getting some instant refresh. The latest update will add two more tabs on the bottom of the home screen, which are: Explore, Commute, Saved, Contribute and Updates. It looks like this:

  • Explore: It works like it ever does, that highlight things you should check out in that area.
  • Commute: This tab is for your different commutes. Here so many good features available, that we’ll discuss later in detail.
  • Saved: Saved is a tab to create lists of your favorite shopping places or restaurants or wherever you want to go or want anything.
  • Contribute: It allows you to share your knowledge about local institutions or places to make Maps pages more updated and better.
  • Updates: It’s generally a page to check “must-visit spots” near you.

So, for commuters, Google launched a superb feature. Google is growing a lot on the feature it launched last year that accounted mass levels in public transit based on user data. Now, Google Maps can tell a bus or train’s temperature, their wheel-chair accessibility, its security levels and much more. This new trip feature will give a competitive advantage to the Maps.

And besides all the attributes, Google Maps is also getting a new icon that’s look like a pin from the app.

Live View and the AR-based walking assistant was also a feature of Google Maps in the last year. Google said that it will get more improvement in the upcoming months, such as the capability to look in the direction of your destination and also to see actually how far you are from the destination, these features could be really helpful in those circumstances when you don’t have any idea in which direction you should go!

Well, it is not a complete recreation, but Google Maps refreshed itself on its 15 birthday.   Given that the all information is correct and those new features (especially accessibility of wheel-chair) could be extremely helpful for the riders everywhere. In short, Google Maps got a new life on its 15th birthday!