How to watch Steven Universe online: Spree the Animated Series for free

Steven Universe is the new best fascination for the lovers of weird and wonderful animated series…just like Adventure Time and Rick and Morty. Rebecca Sugar, the show’s creator, was the writer and storyboard artist on Adventure Time before getting the leadership of her series from Cartoon Network. 

Steven Universe is named after its nominal character, a half-human boy growing up in a family of paranormal humanoid aliens known as the Crystal Gems. In all the five seasons of this show, Steven experiences so many crazy, wacky, and troubling adventures with his friends in an effort to help the Gems save the world from their species. Extremely creative and intellectual, this animated series got so many exciting and praising comments from critics and the audiences. 

Here is the procedure of how to watch Steven Universe online!  

How to watch Steven Universe online in the United States (US)

You can watch this animated series on Hulu houses, HBO Max, or on Amazon Prime Video. Here is a detailed description of all. 

Watch On Hulu Houses: 

The first four seasons of Steven Universe is available on the platform of Hulu Houses. You just have to log in for their monthly subscription plan to watch your favorite animated series. After login in, you’ll get 30days free trial to watch all the four seasons. When the trial gets to end, you can continue by paying $6 for full access to Steven Universe and other famous shows and movies in Hulu’s open collection, or you can simply choose to cancel free of cost. Hulu also has a non-advertisement plan for $12 per month, in which you’ll not be interrupted by any type of advertisement during streaming. Despite any plan you choose, Hulu has all the first four seasons of Steven Universe available for you for streaming. 

Watch on HBO Max:

If you want to watch all the five seasons of this animated series, you can also consider HBO Max. This streaming service provides a 7-days free trial before costing $15 per month for full access to Steven Universe and more of its streaming collection. 

Watch all 5 seasons of Steven Universe completely free of cost:

For those who don’t want to pay any subscription charges to watch Steven Universe’s all five seasons and looking for a completely free solution, then you can watch the first four seasons of this animated series on Hulu in the period of its month-long free trial and then watch the last (fifth) season on HBO Max in the 7-days free trial. It will take a lot of spree determination, but each episode of this animated series is only 12 minutes long. Steven Universe is short and addictive enough to accomplish! 

Watch On Amazon Prime Video:

You can also watch all the five seasons of Steven Universe on Amazon Prime Video by individual investment. But be aware of this, that they have divided all the episodes into seven volumes instead of five seasons. 

  • Volumes 1-3 cost $3 per episode and $25 per season.
  • Volumes 4-6 cost $3 per episode and $20 per season.
  • Volume 7 costs $3 per episode and $19 for the whole season.

This animated series “Steven Universe” has been nominated for five Emmy Awards and awarded GLAAD Media Award to represent LGBTQ characters. 

After watching all the five seasons of this animated series, you can also watch its equally-praised sequel series, Steven Universe Future, which is recently released in 2020. 

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