A New Voice Call App is testing by Facebook’s NPE

All the top rated social media apps are improving their virtual connectivity experience day by day by launching their new editions and updates. As it is playing an integral role in our society to keep family and friends connected during these days of social distancing.

Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team introduced Messenger Rooms for voice calls. It is the latest app which facilitates voice calls with your friends. This is the 6th app by NPE team and named as, CatchUp!

CatchUp, facilitates you to see when your friends are active (online) and available for voice call. Furthermore, you can also check the group chats that are on-going and it also provides you the opportunity to join the open group discussions and convo.

According to the description provided by the app: “Catching-up was never been so easy. To check who is online and easily join one-on-one and group calls. No need to make appointment to call or play phone tag. Concern less about it and keep in touch every time. Whenever you are free and want to talk, CatchUp!”

In this app, users can put their activity status to let their friends know about their doings and when they will available to chat and create chat groups. The option of auto-availability is also accessible which updates your status whenever the user gets connect via Bluetooth.

This app is currently being tested in the US, on the IOS and Android both, the complete success of this is still to be seen. There is only one particular option in this app which makes it different from Facebook Messenger and that’s the ability of seeing people either they are available specifically for call or not. Let’s see if this is able to facilitate people with all sufficient convenience that people install a separate app! 

It is quite possible that it becomes a regional hit in places where overall network quality is low and audio calls are the preferred means of communication.

And it may be probable that it will become a leading app in those places where network quality is not so good and voice calls are most preferred mean of communication.